Main Street

The Heart of Tatamagouche. A light roast, Mexican in origin.


An area cleared for passage of railroad. A light roast, Columbian in origin.

Blue Sea

One of the picturesque beaches in the area. A light/medium roast, Brazilian in origin.


The year the Acadians settled in the Tatamagouche area. Our medium espresso blend.


A feature of the old Stirling Hotel, from the 1870s to the 1940s. A medium roast, Guatemalan in origin.


The Nova Scotia giantess Anna Swan, a famous local. Our Swiss Water decaf of Peruvian origin.

Little House

The so-called 'Little House' that still stands today, located to the former site of the old Stirling Hotel. A dark roast, Ethiopian in origin.


A dark roast, Sumatran in origin.

French River

One of the rivers that meet in Tatamagouche, the other being the Waugh's River. A dark roast, Peruvian in origin.